Course 1: Basic English for Cabin Crew

This is the course which specifically focus on the use of English for inflight service, safety and security. Our main goal for this course is to help our students to be confident in using English to handle situations on board and work effectively as a team member. We will use real life situation, encountered by experienced flight attendants, to practice our scenarios. At the end of this lesson you will be more than ready to operate as a flight attendant with any airlines you set your mind to. Once you’re confident in your skills of operation, you’ll be confident in your interview as you know well about the job scope and this will give you an impression from the interviewer. This is a fun course and you will learn so much of what we do as a flight attendant.

Lesson 1: General Service English

  • Strong English communication skills
  • General English
  • Social & Intercultural Communication
  • English for In-flight Customer Service
  • Practice dealing with problems and difficulties that passengers may have during flight
  • You will have more sensitivity when dealing with customers
  • Airport and flight connection details

Lesson 2: Team communication & Culture

  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity when dealing with people
  • You will be able to deal with routine and non-routine situations
  • You will have greater awareness of differences between cultures.
  • Learn how to adapt different working style with different people
  • Effective communication as a team

Lesson 3: Safety and security

  • English for In-flight Safety
  • Vocabularies revolving safety and security enpuipemnts and operations.
  • Develop essential customer service skills, diplomatic language and and the ability to deal with unruly passengers
  • Effective communication during emergency procedure.
  • Team communication for safety and security procedure

Lesson 4: First aid

  • Practice vocabulary for describing health problems, medicine and first aid
  • Practice scenarios with health issue
  • Learn essential medical term for conditions commonly found onboard
  • Learn the process of how to handle life threatening medical condition and cooperate as a team.

Lesson 5: Food and beverage

  • Expand your vocabulary to describe different kinds of food and drink,
  • Improve your ability to present, describe and sell products
  • Customer service skills Food and beverage
  • Experience in handling difficult situations in service
  • Learn about beverage recommendation for specific kind of food
  • Learn about premium beverage such as wine and cocktail

Lesson 6: Tourism

  • Learn to describe different tourist destinations
  • Give advice to passengers about destinations around the world
  • Useful English when traveling
  • Destination guide on transportation and tourist attractions

Course 2: Cabin Crew Job Interview

This course will provide you all the tools you need to gain confident when answering questions from interviewer and when performing a group task to show your team work skill. We will start from perfecting you resume for flight attendance application. We will trailer the lessons to suit the airline that you’re aiming for. You’ll be trained on speaking fluently with the right body language and on how to have a smooth and fun conversation with the interviewer so that you will leave a good impression to them. This course will give a much higher chance to get the job with the airline you dream of.

Lesson 1

  • General discussion on past experience, degree, personality and purpose.
  • Perfecting the resume based on your past.
  • Guiding on general idea of what specific airlines are looking for.
  • Targeting specific personality for the airline that the student is aiming for.
  • Nailing great personal introduction.

Lesson 2

  • Listing most asked questions and practice answering them.
  • Getting the best answer that shows your relevant skills for the job and focusing on letting your personality shine.
  • Practicing talking about yourself, daily routine, hobbies and interests.
  • Confidence when speaking with other English speakers or an interviewer.

Lesson 3

  • Group discussion activities.
  • Practicing debate topics.
  • Practicing correct body language when speaking.
  • Learning about appropriate time and pace when it comes to explaining your point or taking an action.
  • Tips on how to handle sensitive topics without offending someone

Lesson 4

  • Preparing yourself mentally for the interview.
  • Practicing reading paragraph/announcement.
  • Learning how to use STAR method in your interview effectively using your actual experience.
  • Learning most common grammar mistake used in interviews.
  • Improving your fluency when speaking English.
  • Building rapport and connection with the interviewer.
  • Targeting to showcase your most relevant skill for the job
  • Learning effective way to end an interview that leave a good feeling for both interviewer and interviewee.

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